Problem Gambling Telltale Signs

When might gambling be a problem? Are there any situations or tell-tale signs that I can look out for?

If you find any of the following statements describe you or your lifestyle, you may have a gambling problem:

  • Do you avoid work/important professional responsibilities due to gambling?

  • Is gambling affecting your home life?

  • Is gambling affecting your personal/business reputation?

  • Do you ever feel guilt after gambling?

  • Do you ever find yourself gambling to earn money to pay back existing gambling debts/personal debts?

  • After you win an amount of money, do you feel compelled to chase the next win?

  • Have you ever sold any properties or assets to fund gambling?

  • Do you find yourself reluctant to hand over money you could use for gambling on everyday expenditures?

  • Do you have difficulty sleeping after gambling/playing poker?

  • Have you ever considered self-destructive behaviour as a result of gambling, be it from success or failure?

  • Does gambling ever affect your opinions regarding the welfare of your family?

  • Do you ever find yourself gambling long after the allotted time you had put aside for playing?

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