Prevent Underage Gambling

What can I do to help prevent underage gambling?

Always take the necessary steps to ensure that your computer is protected. All Windows computers can have password controls set, ensuring a user can only access the software by using the correct password. This is good internet security practice in general but doubly important when children or teenagers are present in the household. Always keep your account details and logins private.

If you have children or young adults in your household, use protection software to limit access to which websites they  can view and prevent file share. Protection software will give you greater security control over your machine. Some useful websites for further information:

If you are aware of an underage person using our poker platform, let us know. Simply send an email to our support team and we will investigate. If warranted, we will freeze the player’s account and request identification from that player.

Be a responsible parent. In many ways, this is nothing more than keeping your ears open and eyes peeled. A responsible parent is the best start to preventing underage gambling.

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